Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This is a video that a college student made interviewing me about my mom and her illness. Her assignment was to do a video with a caregiver on Alzheimer's . She found me through my blog and contacted me. Of course I was willing to help her with her college project.

She just sent me the video and she posted it on You Tube. When I saw it it just touched my heart. I'd like to share it with you. Maybe we can all make the video go viral.

 Please watch it's only 2 minutes long. Thanks Lisa


  1. Sophie thank you so much. A lovely creative college student made it and it would be great if we can help her spread/share it around and of course for my mom and all the others who suffer from Alzheimer's. Have a great day. Lisa

  2. I'd love to share it. I used to work with older adults with dementia so find your blog and this video very touching and lovely x

  3. that video is awesome. isn't it interesting how this disease can give the opportunity for healing and love? the same thing happened to me & my mother.

  4. Peaceful, I had no email address to write you back.I hope that you will find this message to you. I am so touched that you were also able to dicover the love as I did. Lisa

  5. Really lovely video..Sierra did a great job. It is such a nice ritual that you blow kisses every day...
    Thanks for sharing Lisa and Sierra..