Thursday, July 24, 2014



Most of the time mom seems to be so happy, strolling the halls of the nursing home stopping at every one's door to say hello. With a smile on her face she whispers that she "loves" them. 

The nurse have share with me that she stops to speak to some of the other patients who sit alone in their wheel chairs as they wait to be brought to an activity or the dining hall. I've been told that even those who no longer speak, at moments utter words to mom as she approaches them. She runs around in her Merry Walker nonstop, with so much energy, in search of something, or perhaps just being the "welcoming committee".

I've been told that everyone loves mom including the aides. She makes them laugh and smile. I personally witnessed this when I visited as they stopped to give her a big hello. Before mom became ill she was always friendly and stopped to speak to everyone she knew.

Now she is one of the few at the nursing home (on the Alzheimer floor) that still speaks and has mobility. She seems to attract much attention with her joyous disposition. Ruthie is turning 90 years old on August 24th, and is not on any medication; except for having Alzheimer's and macular degeneration, she perhaps, is healthier than most of us.

During the summer there are students at the nursing home who love to spend time with her. We are so fortunate that her personality is delightful and that this disease has not made her aggressive or agitated like so many others.

Who knows Ruthie one day might be elected the "mayor" of her facility or perhaps win the "most liked award". For me my mom, Ruthie, certainly is my sweetie.

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  1. She sounds like such a sweetheart, Lisa.

  2. Dear Lisa
    Your Mom sounds like a joy to be around. Cherish every moment. Hugs Carol

  3. That is lovely that she is such a happy soul. MIL was once too, but seems to be more and more out of sorts every time I see her lately...

    Perhaps as the disease progresses and she goes through her inevitable grumpy phase, she might default back to her true, very sunny personality...

    I live in hope! She was much easier to deal with back then...

    1. HI Keira, I cannot imagine what may go on in your mom's or my mother's mind. Maybe when your mom is grumpy she is conscious of what is happening to her and feeling fearful with no way to share or express it to you. I'm sure your mom deep inside is a real "sweetie" too.I would not have expressed that about my mom before she became ill. Sending big hugs to you.Lisa