Wednesday, June 17, 2015



I was asked several months ago to write a letter to my mom which was then chosen and published in a book called "Letter to My Mom". After reading other letters I realized that I was not the only one, who at one time, had a fractured relationship with their mother. A relationship that needed healing.

Today my relationship is not only healed it is one that I cherish. Mom has taught me so much about life, even when I was unable to recognize it. She is a lady who has given me strength, integrity and what I refer to as "tough" love. Mom was always there for me and, since she has Alzheimer's, my relationship with her for the last ten years has changed drastically. It is now one filled with unconditional love.

As being a mom myself I certainly remember when I was pregnant and the day that my son entered the world. I will never forget the birth of my one and only child. I melted as I held him in my arms for the very first time. I was also nervous since this was something so brand new to me.

Being a mother is one of the best gifts in the world yet, at times, it can also be challenging. I believe that no matter what your relationship is, or was, with your mother, that when you look deep into your heart you can feel the love.

I have a friend who just lost her mother. After her mom passed away I listened to what she had to say, which all came down to that she loved her, no matter what transpired between the two of them.

I thought it would be nice for all of us to celebrate our mothers. This blog post is a little different than what I usually write. I know it is not Mother's Day, yet I wanted to take the time for all of us who has a mother to honor: your own special lady.

MY MOM MY HERO book is dedicated to my mother and yours. 
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  1. I too had a difficult relationship with my mom for most of my life. The last few years, before her dementia diagnosis and stroke, were especially hard. She became involved with a man 20 years her junior who took advantage of her. She would not listen to any of her six children. He turned her against us and she became very paranoid. (I could write a book... maybe I should!) However, I see the past 4 years as a blessing. We are closer than we have ever been. As difficult as it has been (I am also a long distance caregiver), it has also been very rewarding. I thank God every day that she is still with us at 93, and that I have this chance to show her how much I love her. Thank you for sharing what is in your heart. ~Barb

    1. Barb, It's never too late and so thrilled that you were able to reach like me a place filled with love for our mothers. It's amazing how our hearts have opened...and doesn't it feel just wonderful.