Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Many moons ago my mom's world was sunny and bright. It was filled with excitement, love and joy. She had no idea that one day her entire life would vanish, as if it never existed. Truth be told, neither did I, for I had never heard of Alzheimer's.

Mom as a child loved to read and as I was growing up she always stressed this to me. Even into her later years mom yearned to continue learning. Her passion for knowledge was important to her. She loved to read and, through reading, taking college courses, she continued to stimulate herself. Sadly enough she can no longer do either of these things.

Today, because of this dreadful disease, almost everything she learned has disappeared. She has been robbed, even more, by having the memory of her entire life swept away as if it never existed.

My brother just returned to Florida after visiting me in New York. As he was here I continued to place my daily calls to the nursing home. With each call I reminded the nurses that my mother would not be having any family visitors for the next two weeks. I was well aware of her being all alone and somehow I was trying to protect her. Yet in her world she had no awareness of this.

This realization had me wondering about all the other people who live in a nursing home (especially those with Alzheimer's), and have no family or friends who come to visit them. Perhaps they are "locked away" without any key to free themselves from this awful world they now live in.

Although the facility my mom now lives in has no fancy hallways, activity rooms or bedrooms, the nurses and aides all seem to be committed and happy. When I think of the kindness and care that my mother is receiving I feel a sense of security, and know that this is what is most important.

My heart could easily break in two, if I allowed myself to think how my mom just wanders the hallways alone each day. She appears mesmerized, lost in her world not knowing where to go and what to do.

After hearing that someone from my Alzheimer’s support group mom just passed away I was filled with many different emotions. Some wanting my mom to be at peace while at the same time realizing how final that would be.
I do know that in some ways I am fortunate that my mom is still alive for the love I feel for her is deep and pure. I also know that each day I lose my mother a little more yet at the same time I also get to love her more.


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