Sunday, May 27, 2018



I have read that physical touch is one of five ways people communicate and receive emotional love. It is also stated just reaching out and taking someone's hand can be the beginning of a journey. For me holding hands was the most tender moments that my mother and I shared during my month long visit.

As our fingers were intertwined like never before, as we held each other's hands, it felt to me as if I never wanted to let go. It was at that very moment that I became aware of how meaningful human touch was with my mother. Mom's fingers spoke words to me. They told me how much she loved me as I felt her warmth and tenderness like never before.

Every once in a while she'd open her eyes, look at me, squeeze my hand and smile. How I yearned to know what she was thinking, although on this day most of her words remained silent. Suffering for fourteen years, Alzheimer's disease has been removing her use of language.

We held each other's hands for hours as if we were young lovers. Yet this was different it was my mother that I was touching. We needed no words, just holding hands said it all. We both held on so tenderly as if never wanting to let go. Each day thereafter I hungered for my mother's touch, meaning more to me than I could have ever imagined.

I reside in New York while mom lives in Florida. Not only do I miss her deeply I very much miss the caressing of our hands. I miss her touch, her warmth her tenderness which filled my heart with love.

What does the human touch mean to you? Is it feeling the warmth and caring of another human being? Or is it perhaps feeling loved? Is it embracing another person?

Whatever it means to you, for me, it was an intimacy so different than one that I could have ever dreamed I would be able to share with my mother. It is for me a love that has come full circle and now is complete.

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  1. Touch and smell are among the last senses.

  2. You've discovered a precious gift many are afraid to use. SO appreciated your post on this! Why we know & try to help others see this as well. #CompassionateTouch #AGEucate

    1. Thank you so much for your caring supportive words.

  3. During my mums last days we spent most of our time just holding hands. She would occasionally squeeze my hand. I miss her a lot she’s been gone almost two years now ��

  4. Chris, I am so sorry about your mum. I love that you were so in touch with the love you and your mum shared while holding hands.