Monday, December 26, 2011



How special is special ? Yesterday when I spoke to mom and wished her a Happy Hanukkah she thanked me and I tried to explain the eight days of celebration, and how I wished that she could join us for the holiday. My mom was having a more difficult time understanding where I live, or where she lives, or anything about Hanukkah. Anyway, what was so cute was that after I spoke about Santa Claus my mom burst out singing "Santa Claus is coming to town". Mom was actually able to sing the entire song on her own.

I give credit to Elaine my mom's caregiver . When I was just visiting she had on the radio Christmas Carols, for mom to enjoy and sing along with. Our very sweet Elaine got back on the phone and told me that she was going to make my mom fresh potato pancakes with apple sauce. "Wow Elaine ,that's really great. If it's easier for you,you can just buy the frozen ones, like I will be doing". "Oh no, Lisa, I love making them fresh". Now I ask you, how special is Elaine ?

I have mentioned before, how blessed we are to have Elaine and her daughter Trudy, taking care of my mom each day (even if it is only six hours). We have been waiting to get a check from the VA(for over a year) since my dad served his country. Dad was in the Navy during WW 2. My brother who filled out all the paperwork just got the approval. When the check finally arrives, we will then be able to increase Elaine and Trudy's time with my mom to eight hours a day. Eight hours is certainly better than six, although I wish we could have them take care of Ruthie for many more hours each day.

Elaine just left for her birthplace of Jamaica to be with the other half of her family. When I spoke to Trudy and asked if she will be able to see my mom, since Christmas is her holiday , her response was "absolutely".  Without Trudy or Elaine I do not know what we would do. They really take special care of my mom .

Mom was cute the other day. Mom commented that she does not sing when the tv is on. Ruthie said that she always allows the tv to do the singing. Then mom explained, "I'm only kidding because you know the tv can't sing". After we finished giggling we threw our kisses to each other and my mom said, and I quote, "enough kisses or my lips might fall off". I asked my mom if I was still her favorite daughter and she laughed and said "yes, you're my only daughter". I guess I spoke to mom at a good moment, one that she had some humor and clarity.

Anyway, I am so thankful for those potato pancakes and of course Santa. Wouldn't you be? I would like to take this time to wish everybody a year filled with much love and health that is possible. Happy New Year to everyone and may this year bring all of us some peace and comfort.

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