Sunday, September 18, 2011



My brother seems to be quite humorous with my mom and to enjoy her.  Each week when he visits her he puts her in front of the computer to watch, You Tube videos and has my mom sing to them.   He picks out many songs that have been in Broadway musicals for her to follow.  She loves hearing them, and swings her arms like an orchestra leader, or pretends to be playing the piano (which she use to play) while she sings along.  We grew up always hearing my dad sing these songs for he had a wonderful singing voice, and in his youth wanted to be a professional singer.  We were so fortunate to have him serenade us for so many years.  Several weeks ago when I spoke to my mom about how wonderful my dad’s voice was, my mom replied that she did not really remember it.  That for me was a little sad. They were married for 50 years.  How could mom not remember?

I wonder how my mom can be remembering these songs from watching the You Tube videos to sing to me, and yet she can so easily forget our names.  Seeing my brother with my mom brings warmth to my heart.  He is so kind and caring of her.  Gil lives about one hour from mom, and each week he comes to visit and take her out to lunch.

 I love to see their interaction together and I compliment Gil on how patient he is with our mom.  Gil say’s that he tries to be, although sometimes when she’s having a harder day it becomes more difficult to stay as calm.  My brother and I seem to be close now which also means a great deal to me.  Life can be rather strange, for out of my mom’s illness I have been able to “reclaim” my family.  I feel such love and warmth to them that I also, inside of me feel an inner peace.  Maybe out of this misfortune, the love and relationship that I now have with my mom and brother has opened new doors for me.  Can this also be some kind of strange blessing?

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  1. The video you posted some time ago shows why the songs are still there and the names aren't. The disease follows a pattern in the brain and the song memory I guess is one of the last to go. I hope she keeps singing forever!!