Monday, September 12, 2011



Today as I sit down to write my blog and share with you about my mom I feel rather sad and solem.
I feel the loss of all the lives that were taken ten years ago today, and how the whole world has changed because of this. Yet for my mom who has Alzheimer's her blessing today is that she has no memory of this day, or how the world has changed, so drastically since September 11, 2001. She cannot remember the planes hitting the World Trade Center, and how the terrorist have stormed the world since then.

Last week my mom sounded pretty good most days which kept me in an upbeat mood. The week before she had several days where she sounded down, no laughter came from her, even when I tried to make her smile.  Needless to say I felt somewhat helpless and also realized that I cannot expect her to be happy all the time. In reality, no one is. Yet when she sounds like that I just want to throw my arms around her and cuddle her and tell her that everything will be alright.

When she sounded so good last week and I spoke to Elaine with enthusiam about her sharpness and the cheefulness that had returned in her voice .  Elaine did repsond with that " it comes and goes."  I laugh and say "at least it sill comes" trying to keep our conversation light. This is what Alzheimer's is about. It is a strange disease that takes over you, and it also has moments where my mom can sound perfectly fine. Which at those times, I can forget that my mom has Alzheimer's for a few seconds.

I tell my mom that I will be coming to see her in exactly four weeks with her grandson. I then try to explain to Ruthie that I will also be coming back again with my husband in eight weeks after I see her.
My mom says "why wait, why not come now?" "Mom that's when my plane tickets are for. You'll be seeing me so much,that you'll probably get tired of seeing me." My mom answers with "bring both the boys and I can never see enough of you. Please don't worry about it. It can never be too much. Just come."

That was my mom on a good day. Such a feeling of comfort for me that my mom can understand at the moment all that I had said, and actually was able to embrace it. Wow, the warmth of a mom.

September is declared as Alzheimer month. For me everyday is Alzheimer month. We must find a cure, stay committed to spreading awareness around the world for Alzheimer's has no boundaries, no country and no nationality that it will not touch. We all need to be committed.

FACT- Every 69 seconds someone in the United States is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. This is definately a worldwide epidemic.


  1. Lisa, what a moving story on you and your mom, thanks for sharing it with us. Blessings to your mother and you.


  2. Hi, I enjoyed your post today. Hope you have a good week. Joanne

  3. Your mother is blessed to have you. Thank you for sharing such a touching post. HUGS, Allen