Friday, March 23, 2012



My mom has become a real sweetie.  Maybe as sweet as vanilla fudge ice cream. Lately she has had glimpses of her memory back.  First she heard someone being called Arthur on a television show and mom said to Elaine her caregiver, " Arthur was my husbands name".  Elaine has been with my mom for over two years and she never heard my mom mention his name.  And next it has been my mom's miraculous memory about being promised ice cream.

Trudy who is Elaine's daughter also takes care of my mom. When I called the other day Trudy proceeded to tell me about my mom's conversations and memory about ice cream. It was so cute and innocent that not only did it make me laugh and smile, it also had me going around telling friends about it.

Three days later my mom who cannot remember who my husband of thirty years is, seems to keep remembering and reminding her caregivers that she has been promised ice cream.  I have heard for several years that my mom loves sweets. As a child I remember that my dad was the sweet eater. Neither of my parents were overweight, yet my dad use to love to have sweets. Mom seemed to have enjoyed them also, yet since she has Alzheimer's I've been told that she just craves them. Of course this is not what we nourish mom with. She's been allowed an occasional donut or ice cream yet we try to have her eat a well balanced meal.

Anyway the last visit to her doctor my mom had lost two pounds. So Trudy told my mom that if she ate all of her dinner she would give mom some ice cream for desert. My mom ate everything and as a child might do she waited anxiously to be served her treat. The next morning after my mom ate her breakfast and finished everything off her plate she asked Trudy, "aren't I going to have the ice cream you promised me"? Trudy said "Ruth not for breakfast".  My mom who cannot remember that I even called  kept repeating to me about having her ice cream after each meal that she finished.

This silly childish thing had my brother and I quite excited. My brother and Elaine think that it's the coconut oil that they have been giving mom for the last several weeks. My brother read an article about it and he decided to try it on mom.  Regardless of what it is, as long as my mom is happy and having fun that is all that matters to me. I really cannot believe that I felt such a thrill to hear my mom tell me each day, that she had been promised ice cream.

I told my mom that when I come to visit in several weeks I promise to take her out for a big vanilla fudge sundae. We both laughed and whatever joy my mom is recently having I also realized how much more it effects Elaine and Trudy's day.  Yes they are the loveliest and kindest people and having a job as a caregiver is not an easy one. It takes a very special person to be able to do it. They have both shared with me how lovely and nice my mom is, yet taking care of an Alzheimer's person for twelve hours each day certainly can be draining.  So as excited and uplifted that I felt hearing the story, you can only imagine the fun they had telling it.
laughing as I heard my mom in the background both singing and laughing as well. They had just finished dancing. As I said goodnight I also said "thanks Elaine for calling and please, just keep having fun".

Last night I received a call from Elaine who was laughing as I heard my mom in the background both singing and laughing as well. They had just finished dancing. As I said goodnight I also said "thanks Elaine for calling and please, just keep having fun".

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  1. I questioned the head nurse at the nursing home about all the sweet treats they give the patients, since sugar is bad for the brain. He said at his first nursing home he tried to give only good balanced meals, but the patients just kept losing weight. He said now he realizes that the damage to the brain has already happened, but without weight the patients die. It's a continual battle against weight loss, so now he says, if sweets is what they'll eat, they'll get them for the calories to keep them alive.