Friday, September 18, 2015




I wanted to share with you that next Saturday Sept 26th your one and only grandchild will be getting married. I know how much love you had for Logan and how very much you adored him. As his grandmother you would have been so proud to see what a truly wonderful young man he has become, as well as loving Julia, his bride to be.

I know that daddy would have felt the same, yet he has been gone for over twenty years. You're different, for you, are still alive. You may be living in your "own" world yet I wanted to somehow share with you their special Wedding Day.

You will be with me, if only in spirit, as they say their vows. I will keep you tucked in my soul and close to my heart feeling your smiles of happiness and abundance of love you have for them. As we raise our glasses to toast them I will feel you by my side.

We all know how terrible Alzheimer's is, yet on this day, we will only celebrate all the miracles of life. We shall feel blessed and grateful as we watch the next generation be united as one. With passion and love they will become husband and wife.

With much love I promise to only have tears of joy and not let anything else spoil this special day.

I love you deeply,

MY MOM MY HERO book is dedicated to my mother and yours. 
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  1. Dear Lisa
    enjoy next week with all your heart and know that your Mom is there with Logan and you. The reason that I know this is because it is her and your Dad that shaped the person you are today and you are the one that guided Logan into becoming the wonderful mam he is today. Your Mom is with you always in your heart and she will be there next Saturday. Wear a piece of her jewerly and every time you want her just touch it and she will know in her heart. Enjoy the wedding and all the celebrations around it. Hugs Carol

    1. Carol so perfect because I am wearing a bracelet that was my mom's ...funny because I feel that you & I think & feel alike. xoxo Lisa

    2. My sweet mother died in June, just a few months ago and she was my hero; my joy and sunshine. I am one lost soul as I was dedicated to her for the last 8 years. She came to stay with me 8 years ago beause my sister was throwing accusations that I was in town to steal my mother's money...the accusation came from my BIL who saw mother and me in her bank...she had not been diagnosed yet...we were there because she wnted to "just close her account." It did not take rocket science to figure out that this needed to be checked out because I knew she received social security income and two small pensions. Had I not been there she might have closed that account and created a real mess and given her condition (likely stage 4) no bank teller would have been able to convince her otherwise. I am impressed tht her facility keeps her moving; is it a NH or other? It would be quite esy for the facility to plop her in a are lucky. Can you explain a bit about this? My sister's rage was intense toward me and in the final analysis she aandoned me and mom entirely after aout 1 year of mom living with me. Mom lost not only her youngest daughter but the two grandchildren due to the estrangment- I fet so hurt and sad for my sweet mother. Congratulations on the wedding and cheers to your mom!

    3. Dear Dana,
      I am so sorry that I did not get back to you sooner . We were away at my son's wedding. Thank you o much for your good wishes. I am also so sorry to hear about your mother and your sisters accusations. It seems like many siblings go through . I hear about it constantly in my Alz Support group. Maybe you can look for one to join for I find it such a safe supportive place. Mine is with my local NYC Alz Assoc .My mom is in what they call a Merry Walker. Her nursing home has allowed 2 of the residents to use them although they are against "state guidelines". Yes we could have put mom in a newer facility yet they would have put her is a wheelchair. My brother & I know how fortunate we are and believe that my mom gets the best care possible given the circumstances. Her NH is in Ft Lauderdale. Lisa