Monday, July 11, 2011


Tomorrow is my birthday.  Today when I spoke to my mom I asked her to get ready and practice her singing, because tomorrow I would like her to sing to me the Happy Birthday song. We both giggled, and I absolutely love that my mom is still able to sing, and especially to me.  I  actually cherish it.

I asked my mom if she could believe that she gave birth to me so many years ago. Ruthie laughed  and replied "if you tell me that I did, then I believe it". You see, my mom because of Alzheimer's cannot even remember when I was born or how old I am. In fact, she does not know how old she is either.
Now that is not such a bad thing !

 "Mom  do you know how old I am"? Ruthie replies" no I don't remember and as long as you have your health and are alive ,that is all that matters". So Ruthie my post today on my blog is dedicated to the one I love . My mom named Ruthie.

My mom gave birth to me when she was twenty four years old. My brother Gil was born five years earlier. My mom cuddled me, fed me, dressed me, sent me to ballet school,gave me piano lessons ,sent me to sleep away camp,took me on vacation, took me to historic sites,cultural events, museums, and concerts . My mom who took care of me as a young child and through my teenage years then sent me off to college and watched as I became a bride(not once but twice)and later as I became a mother myself.

This is the mom who watched and took care of my dad for nine long months as he was in a nursing home dying. My mom who throughout her years who has held her head high and has shown me much strength and courage. My mom who although she suffers from Alzheimer's and macular degeneration
at the age just shy of eighty seven never seems to complain or sound depressed. My mom who every day when I call her sounds so cheerful. My mom when I say hello, this is the mom who has a big smile on her face and laughter in her heart and says "hi sweetie".

This is my mom whom I have fallen deeply and passionately in love with the last several years.
This is my mom who gave birth to me, who brought me into this world and raised me to be a caring human being. This is the mom I want to thank.  This is the mom who has become my hero . Today with my birthday one day away I want to thank her for all that she has done and dedicate to her all my love. For without my mom I would not be here. Thank you mom and this I dedicate to you.

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