Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Another interesting thought that came to me while we we’re driving from Manhattan to Woodstock,NY was this.  I have heard the expression that youth is wasted on the young.  So here goes my “deep” analogy.

If we can only go back in time and be born old and go the other way.  Our life goes by so quickly and so do we really cherish it as we are living it?  Do we soak up every second of our touching experiences knowing that eventually our parents, aunts and uncles will all be gone?  Do we really cherish everything that happens in our lives, our childhood, of being young, our parents, when they we’re young and how they lived.  We look at pictures in our albums and wonder where all the years have gone.  We say wow, look how young my parents were, or better yet,”oh look how young we were and how young we looked when our children were in just babes ”.  They become just all memories that while we’re going through them they pass by so quickly.  How young we were.

 So if our lives were the reverse could we truly appreciate all the wonderful moments we shared as children, teenagers, and young adults with our children, family and especially our parents?  I somehow want to try and explain or share these thoughts with my son Logan. Will he really get it?  I doubt it, although I will try.   

When you were young and your parents would say something, sometimes we’d look at them crossed eyed, or think in our heads, can they be for real.  This all flashed to me while Little Eva and Jay and the Americans played on the XM satellite radio.  Flashing on memories and times of my life of where I was and what I was doing while these songs were big hits.  I was trying to recall the settings and people who shared these songs and with me.  

My memory is filled up with lovely thoughts, and lovely times, ones I will always like to cherish. If only we could. If only we could always remember!

My mom this last week does not sound like her cheerful self.  She seems to be less “with it”.  Less energetic, less wanting to laugh with me.  Maybe it’s the summer heat or maybe she is starting to go a little deeper into things.  Perhaps there are some changes for her with her Alzheimer’s.  Whatever it is I stay strong and in the moment that this too will pass.  I’m not ready to think of my mom getting worse.  We still have so much love to share and I know that the clock keeps ticking.


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  1. Songs really do bring back memories. Every time i hear one is the loneliest number, I remember being in high school and at a drive in for a coke when it came on the first time and I thought, why would a number be lonely. Yep, I was a brilliant person back then. lol.

    I listen to books on cd all the time in my car. I'm a realtor so I'm in the car a lot. If I miss something and back track, while they are repeating something I have already heard, I see exactly what street I was on and turns, etc., I made while listening to that particular part the first time. isn't that weird.

    But yes, time goes fast and we don't appreciate it. it seems only yesterday that it was summer, and yet it's spring already. Where did the last 9 months go. Same with years. I'm 62, and inside I feel 16, and I look in a mirror or at a new picture and I go yikes, where did this old lady come from. I remember distinctly the each day that my children were born and it seems like yesterday and now all three are married and two have children of their own, and I want to say, cherish them, enjoy every minute and make as many memories and pictures and videos as you can so when you are older you can look back on these days. I can't believe my oldest granddelight is already 9 and about to be 10 and almost 5 feet tall!! I remember his uncles at 10; where did the time go.

    Your thoughts are so many times my thoughts. we really might be twins separated at birth. lol.