Thursday, July 28, 2011



 I will be visiting with my mom real soon.  I am filled with lots of different emotions.  One is being excited, one is being nervous and one is being scared.  Excitement is an easy one not needing any explanation.  Scared and nervous are another story.  What will my mom be like when I’m actually in her home for a few days?  I’m trying not to think about that now and just stay in the moment of excitement.  

My mom’s, conversation with me today on the phone was a little strange, and cute and in some ways and also a little bizarre.  I could tell that my mom was energetic and quite alive from the sound of her voice when she heard it was me on the phone. I reminded her that in 4 -5 days I would be at her home.  This was all new to her as if this was the first time I was telling her about coming to see her.  Mom  said she should write it down so she’ll remember.  She then started to count that 12+12 = 24, then she sang me a song that she made into a poem, and after I asked her to spell a few words, which of course she did as easy as 1, 2,  3. That part of the phone call was great.  Then she proceeded to tell me that she was standing there not dressed in her kitchen, as we had been on the phone for around ten minutes. Mom then said that she wanted to get off the phone and get into bed.  I asked my mom why do you want to get into bed it’s only 10,AM and to that she replied that it’s not that she was going to go to sleep, just that it was time to get into bed.  Okay mom, with no argument from me.  I then asked her if she had eaten breakfast and she said she had no idea, except that she thinks she did because she always eats.  

So these are some of the emotions of why I am nervous and a little scared to see her.  On the phone my mom seems pretty “okay” and I know from my last visit that being around her can bring up other feelings about her illness that I don’t get to see every day.   As of now I just need to be with my excitement of seeing her.

 Today  I received an envelope filled with labels from the Alzheimer Association stating “despite the enormous progress we have made fighting Alzheimer disease over the past 30  years, the fact remains that we and our loved ones remains at risk”.  The Alzheimer Association says that there are over 5 million Americans and their families living with this devastating disease and that by the year 2050 they expect it to grow to 16 million people unless we do something about it.  They are asking for a donation and for me while I write about My Mom My Hero, our journey has begun and it is my vision and passion to tell my mom’s story to the “world “and to  hopefully donate a portion of the proceeds of a  book/ or movie to the Alzheimer Association. This will make my dream become realty.

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