Friday, March 29, 2013


MY MOM MY HERO- is a Newly Released  book. It is a compilation of special posts, including some of the many comments I have received from readers around the world.  Dedicated to my mom, and to all the other's who have been effected by this horrific disease. This book is also dedicated to all the caregivers that I have met, and the ones I have not. It is a book about love and relationships.

It is available on Amazon and Kindle worldwide. I'd like to share the link with you.



  1. I like your writing style very much. The post was a very good read and I will be putting it to use. Thanks.

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  2. ALzheimer's Disease what I write is straight from my heart. Thank you and please tell me more about what you will be doing.I am committed to spreading awareness and reaching out to the other families who are touched by this horrific disease.Lisa