Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Mom awoke around 8:30 AM the next morning and again was in a very good space.  My brother and I took her to an adult center day program that had other Alzheimer’s patients, to be interviewed.  Mom did not want to stay although she answered all the questions that the social worker asked of her, and mom was accepted.  She was cute, and as we exited she was sure to perform her repertoire of dancing and singing for the social worker.

After the interview we all went to lunch and ate outside by the ocean, which was quite lovely.  On the way back I was sitting with my mom in the back of the car.  In between her questioning us if we were almost at her house mom heard me say” in my next life I would be an…,” and Ruthie my mom, the little Buddha interrupted me and said, “Lisa don’t worry about your next life just stay healthy and happy in this life”.  I turned and looked at her and smiled, with the thoughts of how sharp at moments she still can be.

That evening my son Logan had left the room for a few minutes.  My mom turned to me and said, “where did that nice young man go?” “Mom, that nice young man is your grandson”. Mom said “he is?” with surprise in her voice.  I also heard my mom ask Logan during the evening if he had any brother’s or sisters.  My brother said that mom absolutely knows Logan, she was just confused.

I had also questioned my brother if mom knew that she has Alzheimer’s.  I’ve been asked this question several times and never knew the correct answer.  I knew that mom and I never spoke about it.   “Did mommy know that her brother had Alzheimer’s?” I asked.  Gil answered that he didn’t think so, that they never had spoken about it.  Ruthie’s younger brother had died from it over three years ago.  At this point does it really matter if my mom knows or not?

To be continued……


  1. I understand you completely , my mother lives with me and my 3 children and some days are really good most are very confusing for her. I feel due to the mental stress that it puts on the brain I go with the flow with her. My brother died in 2000 and my Uncle Tusser has Alzheimer and he is the oldest of 6. She thinks he is off golfing and her other sister Judy passed with other complications and memory loss also. She rembers none of these events at all... It was hard at first, she has been with me in my home for 2 years know. I Love her so much and would do anything to have my mother back! I know you pain and struggle,,,, I just make her life as comfortable and easy as possible. Much Love and comfort to your family.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother and now your uncle and mom. My
    mom's younger (only sibbling) died from AD a little over 3 years ago.
    My mom was really upset and now has no memory of him or that he past
    away. Sometimes I think what they do not remember may not be so bad.
    It takes away any unnecessary pain.I have one child and you have
    three. I don't think that there is anything worse than burying your
    own child. Maybe in that respect your mom thinking he's playing golf
    is not so bad.
    I wish that my mom and I lived closer. She refuses to move and I
    cannot. At least my brother lives close to her. Just hug your mom as
    much as you can. You sound like such a wonderful daughter. I'm sending
    you speical hugs and wish for your family the best. Thanks for reading
    my blog.I really try to stay "more upbeat "and grateful. Lisa