Monday, October 10, 2011



Two days are left before Logan, my son, and I board the airplane to visit my mom and my brother.  As I sit down to write this blog I feel lots of excitement. During the last week I also felt at moments that my stomach was filled with butterflies, or should I say, a nervous feeling for how my mom will be when we finally arrive.

The last few days she has been absolutely amazing. She's been quite cute, rather sharp and cheerful.  I tell her everyday, for the last two weeks that Logan and I are coming to visit her. Mom does not remember from one day to the next, yet maybe somehow she is remembering even though she does not remember. I sound like I am speaking in circles yet perhaps someone can understand what I am trying to say. Or maybe it's just my excitement and imagination that is creating any of this.

I remind my mom about how tall Logan is (which is just shy of six feet ) and tell my mom that Logan plans to smother her with kisses. Mom and I laugh about the fact that she is only 4 feet 9 inches tall and that Logan will  either have to pick her up, or mom will have to stand on a table. Ruthie replies with "well Logan can bend down to kiss me ,or if I could wear those really high shoes." Then mom adds in with much humor," I'm just lucky that I stopped shrinking or maybe I'd disappear," which leaves us both laughing.

"Mom I  hope you realize that I will be visiting with your favorite grandson." Mom finds this really funny and says" he's my only grandson"."Mom even if you had 10 grandchildren wouldn't he always be your favorite?" Mom replies with "absolutely".

My brother Gil told me that my mom's Medic Alert bracelet just arrived in the mail. We want mom to wear it everyday in case she ever goes out and wanders away.This is highly recommended by the Alzheimer Association. So far, we've been so lucky that this has not happened. You see my mom still lives alone. I have no idea how she is still managing with only having six hours of a caregiver each day. I'm not too excited about this, yet this is an entirely different converstaion. Anyway, my brother told my mom that Logan sent her the bracelet and Gil shared with me that mom was very happy as he put it on her wrist. The next day when I phoned and spoke to Elaine her caregiver, she said that my mom was not wearing the bracelet. So of course I explained to my mom that Logan sent it to her and wants her to wear all the time . Mom say's "okay" and I know that means nothing. Maybe we'll have to figure how to permantely place it to her wrist.

The other day Elaine and my mom were making blueberry muffins together, and I asked my mom if she'll bake me a cake before we arrive. My mom laughed and said that I should just bring one and that she'll give me back the money. The big question of the day for me is ,was my mom always as sweet as she is now ?or is it all the blueberry muffins that she's been eating. Love you mom and I can hardly wait to see you, all though to be perfectly honest, I am somewhat nervous about my visit.

Fact-Every 69 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful relationship!

  2. Check how the nursing homes do the bracelets because at assisted living mom could take hers off, at the nursing home they are a metal and mom can't get hers off and wonders what it is. If we were to try to take her off the ward or down the elevator it would go off and they would come looking. Also it stops the elevator from moving. Further they can tell by something they wear on their waists whether she is "down" on the floor of the bathroom, at the door of her room or by the bed. She's fallen twice and they always know exactly where to run too. It's amazing technology. This nursing home is the state of the art and even people from NY and Australia have flown in to see it.