Monday, October 17, 2011


Trip to see mom- Oct 2011(w Logan)

 RUTHIE’S SWEET SMILES (October 2011-visit to mom’s)

My much awaited and anxious trip to see my mom was a wonderful surprise as my son Logan and I arrived at mom’s house.

My brother Gil picked us up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and when we arrived at Ruthie’s home we found mom asleep and fully clothed in her bed.  The time was 2PM in the afternoon.  Mom’s caregiver had left my mom around noon and although I had called Ruthie from the airport before our flight had left, and my brother had called and told her we we’re coming she could not remember.  Or did she?  Gil proceeded to enter mom’s room because she was use to seeing him once a week and I did not want to perhaps jolt or frighten her.  I also thought that after my mom would wake up that it could take a little while to adjust.

Not my mom.  She came out of her room happier than anyone could imagine.  She was singing and started to dance with a big smile plastered across her face.  Wow, did my heart lighten up and I was left feeling so much calmer from my much anticipated trip.

If my mom could pick a good day on a scale from 1-10 this was real close to a ten.  My mom, although not the mom who raised me, but for a woman who is 87 years old and lives alone, and has Alzheimer’s for at least 6 years(maybe longer)she was amazing.  Her laughter filled the room with much humor, and she was sharp, quick and spontaneous with whatever she said.  I asked Gil if mommy is usually like this when he visits once a week, and he answered, “no, she’s just so happy to see you and Logan”.  Of course when we took her out to eat she only wanted to go back home and even when we were trying to get her out of her house she did not want to go.   Mom only wanted us to bring the food back so she could remain in her safe haven. 

We finally got mom out of the house and she did say the whole time that we were out, that she wanted to go back home.  Ruthie ate very little and she said that she was not hungry.  Early evening as mom stayed awake, she started snacking on chocolate covered donuts so I made her a snack that she finished and she was still as happy as could be.

Logan and I were exhausted from our early arrival at the airport and I was able to convince my mom to get undressed and get into bed around 8:30PM.  I think my mom could have stayed awake longer than me.  I reassured her that when she awoke in the morning that Logan and I would still be there.  Mom asked where we would be sleeping and I showed her the second bedroom, and then she asked me where she was going to sleep.  It’s interesting because every night or day my mom takes herself into her bedroom, which she has done for the last twenty- two years and puts herself to sleep.

The other interesting thing that I now understand is that my mom never wants to get undressed nor put on her nightshirt when I stay over.  She insists on going to sleep in the clothes that she wore all day.  This time my mom explained that if she stays in her clothes she’ll be all dressed in the morning.  I tried to reason with her, which I finally accomplished, as my mom under her breath said “staying dressed would be much easier for me”.  Now I understand and perhaps Ruthie’s reasoning isn’t so wrong.  To be continued.

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  1. I too like to sleep sometimes in my clothes, have all my life, and my husband thinks I'm nuts. Don't know why but I actually find my daytime clothes more comfy. But then I'm anxious for clean ones when i get up. It could be her nighttime clothes wrinkle up under her, or bind her arms or scratch. I know some nighttime clothes like gowns come up around the waist and expose my legs, and I'm cold natured. I have now found that the flannel jammies from Walmart are the most comfy and warm and don't bind, so I'm jammy wearing again. I also think as they get more arthritis in their joints getting in and out of clothes is harder. Jerry's dad had to have help to get a shirt on the other day for the first time but his arthritis won't let him raise his arms above his head.