Monday, May 23, 2011

Precious Moments


I'd love to share with you my thoughts and feelings of 2 special phone calls that I had with my mom today and yesterday. First I'd like to explain why they are so special to me. My mom, who is also Ruthie, suffers from Alzheimer's disease. As of now we speak on the telephone each and every day and I visit her every few months. I am able to delight in the majority of our phone calls which I find her usually cheerful, and at moments, filling my ears with her wisdom. When I am visiting her, then I get to see how this disease has caused her to revert back to  being a child.  Being one of her caregivers from long distant, trust me, is definately easier. My heart seems to delight with things we share on the phone, and when I am visiting her, it can feel perhaps a little broken.  I do always celebrate all that we still can share.  I love when she calls out my name.  It brings music to my ears and warms my heart.  Anyway, here are the 2 phone conversations that we just shared.

Ruthie's phone service was out of order and I was not able to speak to her for two days.  I did speak to Elaine her caregiver, each day to know that my mom was doing just fine. When mom's phone service was corrected I called her and told her how I was so sorry that I could not hear her cheerful voice.  I explained that her telephone was not working.  First, my mom would not even remember if I called and she would  certainly not  remember if her phone even rang .  So my mom says to me while we are speaking "that's okay I do not have a telephone".  I say to myself, sure mom what do you think we are speaking on .This put a big smile on my face.  I choose not to explain to her about all our touching converstions on the phone each day. Why even bother?

The next day Ruthie knew quite well that she had a telephone and could even spell the word, as usual in two seconds flat.  You see ,I understand that when she did not know what a telephone was, it was her disease talking.  I continue to ask her to spell several words which she does like a champion.  One of the words I ask her to spell is adorable.  Right after Ruthie spells it correctly, I tell her that she is so adorable. She lets out such a joyful laugh, and we both rejoice in her "laughter" together.  After we stop laughing, I ask my mom what was so funny and my mom says to me ,"I find that funny because I do not think I'm adorable, and if you do that's  really great".

Well mom you are more than adorable to me and thank you for sharing two precious moments for me to always remember.  Thank you for being my mom, and thank you even more for becoming my hero.

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