Monday, May 2, 2011

Everyday Is Mom's Day & Disney World

When I spoke to mom today I mentioned that this Sunday would be Mother's Day. I told her how sorry I was that I would not be able to spend it with her, due to the distance, that we live apart.. Ruthie said "that's okay, I understand ". My reply was "mom I celebrate how much I love you and how special you are to me everyday". Mom laughed. I then said "mom to me I celebrate you as being my mom each and every day of the year". We thru our kisses and then hung up.

What I realized was how true this now was for me, and I felt in my heart so much love and wamrth to her. What a wonderful feeling since this was not the way I always felt. The love I feel for mom now, could melt  all the ice in Antartica.

A bonding memory with my mom was 16 years ago when my dad was suffering greatly and slowly dying, I spoke to my mom everyday for 9 months.  I flew down to be with her, and especially to see my dad, once a month.   I remember all of those times spent with my mom and remember how well we got along, and how close we seemed at the time.   It was special to be mother & daughter.

 After my dad passed away Logan, Bert & I flew to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.   We flew my mom over to spend time with us at Disney World.   I remember what a great time we all had as a family (of course missing my dad).  So how, where and why did my mom and I stop getting along and going at each other.  When and why did this begin?

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