Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Grandma's Love & Losing My Voice


My mom loves her one (and only) grandchild so much that Elaine has used his name to get my mom to try to do some simple things that she has refused. The first time Elaine was able to get my mom out of the house, she told me that she explained to my mom that they were going to meet Logan at the mall. "Elaine what happens when you get to the mall and Logan is not there "? Elaine replies that my mom will never remember so there is no need for me to worry.

The second big thing was that my mom has gotten so use to showering in her second bathroom, stepping into a tub ,which is more difficult for Elaine to assist mom when she needs help.  Ruthie has a nice large walk in shower located in her bathroom, that is adjacent to her bedroom. This shower would be so much better for my mom to get use to using .

While I am visiting her I choose to shower in there daily. My mom keeps asking me where I go and she does not realize that she has this shower.  Elaine and I finally get my mom to shower in there by telling her that Logan loves to shower in her bathroom. It took several days of convincing, and mom finally gave in.  So now everyone is happy, especially Elaine. These two simple little nothings are not such little nothings to my mom who has Alzheimer's. For whatever reason, or for no reason, my mom has to do things her way, and sometimes using Logan her grandson as a ploy, is not such a bad thing. Logan we all thank you.


When I arrived in Florida to see my mom, I felt like I was getting sick.  Yes, I am one of those people that believe that our illnesses’ are connected to our mental state!  Anyway after my five day visit, the day before I was leaving I started to lose my voice.  The day I left for the airport to travel back home, it was raining quite hard.  My mom asked me to stay another day.  She then asks where I was going, and I answer” back home”.  My mom responds with why?  And I say because I have to, and mom says please stay here, and I say I can’t.

 I thank Elaine for taking such good care of my mom, and ask how can I kidnap her? (In a joking way).  Elaine tells me how much she likes my mom, because her experience of some Alzheimer patients is that they get difficult and angry, and that my mom is so sweet.

Saying goodbye to mom was difficult and I knew that I would not be seeing her for a while.  My brother Gil takes me to the airport, and we discuss how I’d love for mom to move up by me.  Gil is in agreement with that, although we both say that we doubt she will move. This of course saddens me greatly.

Sitting at the airport I have eye contact with an elderly attractive lady.  After she passes by me, tears flow from my eyes. Getting old can at times can be a little frightening to me.  Our lives have gone by so quickly and we do not get to pick and choose how our finale will be, or when, or at what age.

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  1. Maybe tell her Logan wants to move her to NY so he can see her more since she thinks so much of him.