Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Today is August 24th, 2011.  It is a very special day in more ways than one. I am so excited because today my mom turns 87 years "young." When I shared this with Ruthie, she replied " 87 years old, wow,I'm that old? " "Yes mom" I answered.  My mom then replies, and I quote her "well at least I don't look my age."
And with that we both laugh. My mom does have so much spunk and energy, although I think she does look close to her age. I will certainly not tell her, why spoil her day. If Ruthie thinks she looks young, that's all that matters. You see, my mom's eyesight is failing, because she also has macular degeneration. Something that she never ever mentions or complains about. So mom, I just want to wish you a very, very special birthday and send you all my love and kisses.

Besides it being my mom's birthday there are also threats to Florida that Hurricane Irene is close to hitting them. Yesterday when I spoke to my mom ,besides her having a wonderful day, I also spoke to her caregiver Elaine , who is one in a million.  Elaine shared with me two things. One, that she was going to get a cake and come back over to visit my mom when my brother Gil was also visiting . Two ,that she told me that if the hurricane was going to hit that she will stay over at my mom's house since she did not want my mom to be all alone. You see Elaine only is with my mom 4-5 hours a day. What a special lady Elaine is for offering this, no one even asked this of her. She and her daughter Trudy take wondeful care of my mom .We are so lucky to have them.

Elaine puts my mom back on the telephone and I share with my mom what Elaine just said and my mom repeats everything that I say to Elaine. I find it so cute and I then tell my mom that Elaine is so nice to her because she(my mom) is so nice and gives Elaine no trouble. We both laugh and sure enough she repeats what I just said once again to Elaine.  My mom than says to me "Lisa you are a doll and I love you so much." "Mom you're going to make me cry." My mom then says, "please don't cry" and I answer, "mom, they would be tears of joy." After we hang up my heart feels like it could explode for how much love I feel for her.

Too think that before my mom got Alzheimer's, there were moments when we fought and did not get along. Sometimes, for a quick second I did not care if we saw each other again. And today all I want to do is hold on to her, love her and cherish every second that she still knows my name and who I am. Ruthie, my mom is to me one special lady.

So mom I dedicate to you all my love and wish that all my writings about you and our relationship are able to touch other people, just like you have touched me. And mom, once again Happy, Happy Birthday.

Fact- Every 69 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Please help us spread awareness around the planet about this disease.


  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lisa, your blog is terrific, keep it going. I don't know if you've seen the articles on Pat Summitt, the Tennessee women's bb coach -- Bert I'm sure knows about it -- but she is a great story and will do a lot to publicize and make people aware of Alzheimers. If you haven't seen it, there are stories in the Times sports section.

  3. You know I question God a lot about why he allows this disease to strike good people. Maybe in your case it was for a reconciliation with your Mom. Hope I find out why in my Mom's case as we've never been anything but close.