Monday, August 29, 2011



What a week this was living in New York City.  First we had an earthquake that we felt (originated in Virgina) next we were expecting the largest hurricane to hit N.Y. in 100 years(it was not major) and mom turned 87 years young this week. That was the nicest part of the week although I could not be with her to celebrate this joyful occassion.

The truth is that even if I was with my mom she would not have remembered it. The picture I posted is from my brother Gil. Mom looks so happy and beautiful to me, so there is not much more I could ask for.  I am quite thrilled because we just increased the amount of time her caregiver Elaine will be able to stay with mom.

On Thursday, one day after Ruthie's celebration I speak to Elaine, who tells me who was at mom's party,how nice it was, and about the cake, pizza and balloons. I sing again to my mom, the Happy Birthday song and she joins in with me on "how old are you now". Mom has no idea and cannot fill in the age. I ask my mom how old she is and her answer is "old enough to know better." Not remembering our age is not necessarily a bad thing.  Mom thrills me because she still has a quick and sharp sense of humor. I tell my mom that I heard all about her birthday party, and my mom's answer is that she cannot remember any of it. "Mom, do you see balloons flyng above you?" "Yes", mom replies yet all of her memory seems to be gone.

A lifetime gone as easy as blowing out a candle.  I decide to share with her about all the birthday wishes she has gotten from people all over the world.  This brings joy to my mom as she say's "really?"How do they know me?" and I say " mom, because I write about you all the time maybe you are starting to become famous." Ruthie giggles like a young girl with much delight in her voice.

Mom while looking out her window tells Elaine that her mother is suppose to be coming to see her soon. I know that she means me. It's funny because she also sometimes calls my brother her husband.  Maybe the confusion lies in her deep love for her children. Could that be it?  Her husband and her mother? It certainly sounds good to me.

 On the brighter side of things, my mom has invited me to stay at her home to get away from  Hurricane Irene. Mom says that all that is important is that I am safe.  I tell her I wish I could come and explain that all the airports have been closed. I remind her that she's in Florida and I'm in New York. Mom seems a little confused although we do have a good laugh about how the hurricane is suppose to be in her neck of the woods not up by me. It's ironic because I avoided going to mom's in September knowing that it was their hurricane season.

 So mom in six weeks I'll be coming again to visit and bringing your favorite, one and only grandson Logan. Logan is also excited and has not seen my mom in a year. We both can hardly wait to see her and get our arms around her and smother her with a big hug and kiss.

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  1. Mom use to call me and leave a voice mail. "Judy this is your daughter." She got the words for our relationship backwards. Probably this was a tipoff of things to come, but I just thought it was a slip of the tongue.

    I've found in research by caregivers that we should not ASK ANY QUESTIONS. It embarrasses them when they can't answer and they will 'act' and change the subject to not let us know they don't know the answer, but inside they are so worried about why they don't know the answer. I've quit asking Mom if she remembers this or that. Why agitate her. just a thought.