Monday, August 8, 2011


 I want to stay upbeat and positive, although as I write this post, I am honestly feeling a little scared and upset. I just spoke to my brother on the telephone. I called to share with him what my mother had said yesterday to me. Or should I say what she did not say. It certainly left me feeling a little bewildered and with a heavy heart.
As my mom answered the phone I greeted her with a perky hello. "Hi mom and how are you feeling today?"She answered, "just fine sweetie,"which  immediately put a big smile on my face and much joy in my heart. I excitedly told mom, how I just met another girl named Lisa Elian. Please let me explain; Elian is my maiden name, and an unusual one at that. I did not bother to tell mom that I met her on Facebook or that she lived in Austria, which is where my dad's father was from. Maybe we are related? I did share this part with my mom.
Ruthie laughed out loud and said "really, that's very funny because my name is Lisa Elian." Did I just hear my mom correctly or was I hearing things? "Mom, I though your name was Ruth,"and she answered "no I have two names, Lisa & Ruth.""Well mom, who am I?" Ruthie then answered , "I'm not sure who I am speaking to." Was I hearing things? Mom had just called me sweetie, after she answered the phone.
"Mom, I'm your daughter and my name is Lisa. Maybe you just want to call yourself Lisa because you love me so much." She laughed, and at that moment, I think she realized her confusion.
We speak a little longer and after I hang up I try to call my brother. He does not answer. I share all this with my husband and I can't help to feel a little shaken up. I am left with the thought of ,what is happening to my mother ?
The next day I finally reach my brother Gil and he agrees that she is getting worse. I called mom again today and this time I ask her if she can spell my name. Mom answers " I don't even know your name.""Mom, not only am I your daughter, you also gave me my name."Can you guess what is my name?" First she says is it Trudy? and then quickly she says Lisa." Very good mom, I think to myself and then I say "what is your name?" Mom, says that it is "Ruth."
So tomorrow when I call, and every day after I will start my calls with, "hi mom its Lisa your daughter," so my mom will be sure to hopefully remember my name.


  1. Great post! I always enjoy reading the personal stories that people share about Alzheimer's. They are so informative about the disease in their own way.
    Check out, your inspiring stories have led us to add you to our blogroll!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story; This story is so common that I feel your pain; I know exactly what you are going through because I deal with this on a daily basis