Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Funnier than Milton Berle

Since my return from my mom’s house, in Florida, I find that during the night my mind drifts to wondering how she is doing. I think of her being all alone and know how very much I miss her. I feel heaviness in my heart and wish that I could be near her. In the mornings I call her and I am so happy that she is sounding joyous and alive. I cannot help this feeling of just wanting to take her in my arms and tell her that everything will be okay. And so our conversations continue:


 I explain to mom that I am going to be walking to my Pilates class, and she asks me how far away it is. I explain where I live, and where I am headed, and Ruthie starts to count out loud how many blocks I will be walking.  I ask my mom if she just used her fingers & toes to count and she replies “are you kidding, you are funnier than Milton Berle” and we both laugh .We throw kisses, and at the very same time, we both say that we love each other. My mom then replies,” that means good luck that we just said the same exact thing at the same exact time”. I tell mom that I will speak to her later, and as we hang up I have a big smile glued to my face. My mom, funny, sweet and yes you know by now, my hero.

FACT- 5.4 Million Americans are living with Alzheimer's. Please take the time to help Spread Awareness.

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