Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Days til I See Mom

Just think in two days I get to see my mom.  Wow only two days.  It has been  four months exactly, since my last visit to her. I live in new York and Ruthie lives in Florida. I always get so excited to see her and then when I am actually with her, many more feeling come up for me.

For me to be able to deal with everything that I saw happening to my mom ( since she has Alzheimer's )I decided to write about my feelings in a journal.  This is how I began writing a memoir(draft) about my mom, and our new found relationship. As of today I am writing most days in my blog and loving every second of it.

I am still  in such amazement about how much my moms courage and strength has inspired me. If you think about it I have two choices. One would be that I could walk around upset, for all that she has lost, and the other is, that I can hold on to all that she still has left. The biggest one for me is that she still knows who I am.

Some days I find myself telling my mom that I would love to kidnap her. Mom finds this to be quite funny.  This has been for me a great movie title called “How Can I Kidnap My Mom”. I have imagined it to be upbeat movie about an aging women who also has Alzheimer’s .The woman refuses to move near her daughter, and how her daughter and son in law plan a way to kidnap her. They would bring her back to the Big Apple (better known as NYC) to live.

This could be an upbeat, humorous movie that is not depressing, yet quite touching. Not like the one, starring Julie Christie that was wonderful, yet quite upsetting.  A movie that is uplifting and inspiring about an Alzheimer patient.  The movie would be showing her joy, her humor, her wisdom, her strength, her singing, and her dancing. It would be about her “new” relationship with her daughter, her son, her grandson, son in law and caretaker.  A movie that makes one smile, a movie that lifts you up, and touches your heart.

This movie would be dedicated to all the other people who have Alzheimer’s, and all the families who have lost loved ones. Maybe Betty White might like to play, Ruthie, my mom. Who knows maybe one day, this will be a dream come true.

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