Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Lovey Dovey

I realize what a strong, strong women my mom is. What strength she has. I think that she is so much stronger than me. She is feisty and strong willed.  I now realize, how my mom had always been there for me, even when we I didn’t know it.  What did I miss and what have I learned from her.  I do consider myself a strong lady and have always been extremely attracted, to other strong women. I admire these types of women and have befriended them throughout the years.

 Is this because of my mom?  I never thought of it that way, yet now I do.  I called my mom to share this with her. "Ruthie, I just remembered how strong you are", and my mom says, “Really?  I always thought of myself as just ordinary “.  No mom you are nothing close to being ordinary.

 I continue to share with her about how much I love and admire her. We throw kisses and tell each other that we love each other, and my mom then says” I love you more”.  This time she ads in goodbye my lovely, dovey and we both laugh and hang up.

Tomorrow I will be arriving at my mom’s house, and lucky me, will be able to give her some real kisses.  I can hardly wait.

FACT- Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. We must support this disease and I will do everything I can to help spread awareness about it.  Won't you help.

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