Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Boundaries, No Borders

I just saw a post on Facebook/Alzehimer's Page in French that I could not read. It hit me that Alzheimer's has no boundaries, no country,no nationality that it would not touch. The whole world is not safe from Alzheimer's. We all need to get involved.

Lisa HirschAlzheimer's Association
I just saw a post in French that I could not read. It hit me that Alzheimer's has no boundaries, no country, no nationality that it would not touch. The whole wide world is not safe from Alzheimer's.We all need to get invovled.
Adrien Cri..
14 hours ago · i'm french. my grand mother has alzheimer. it's very true that the disease knows no boundaries. the post you've read is about an ad contest i was engaged in with a friend. goal was : shatter the misconceptions concerning alzheimer... we tri...ed to focus on isolation, loneliness and distress more than on memory loss. our main catchphrase is (if i can translate it well) : To be forgotten is more painful than to forget. hope you like it.See More

    • Lisa Hirsch Merci beaucoup. Love to read the translation.
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  1. Wow that is a good quote!! I was so afraid I'd die before my kids got grown and they'd never have a memory of me. My dad's mom died when he was 8, giving birth to her 9th child. He only remembered her long black hair and getting to brush it. That's all. So I love that quote.

    Yes, alzheimers and dementia is worldwide with over 35 million people being diagnosed. I have almost 5,000 pageviews in 6 months of blogging momsdementia.com and one day last week Ukraine was the most read pages and one day Israel, and yesterday had some views from Bulgaria. Only the south american countries do I miss. We are all touching and helping each other all over the world; isn't that amazing. Better than the old timey pen pals. I'd never have gotten to meet you or the other bloggers in person in this lifetime, but through the internet we support, comfort and share. I think this is marvelous. I raised a Korean boy, and it was his idea for me to blog when I said I was going to quit boring my friends with stories of Mom, and he set it up for me. He had just graduated with his masters from UT Richardson and was working for a company doing their online programs, so it was easy for him. I have thanked him over and over, as it's been a real blessing, and now I surf the dementia blogs and try to cover one every few days from beginning to end. Thanks for being a part of that "unknown" family.