Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Logan & Me

 Logan is now 23 years old and has an apartment that he shares with three friends. His friends seem to mean a great deal to him, as does his connection to his family. I would say that Logan has a strength and warmness about himself and most of all he is happy.


I grew up in garden apartments in Bayside, New York.  We recently drove by them when we were on our way to visit some family.  I got out of my car with my son Logan to show him where I lived until I was 11 years old.  I pointed out to him the playground I use to play in and the storage room where I kept my bike. I showed him the front and back entrance to our apartment and reminisced with him about how I walked to school, and how I ran to my dad when he returned home from work. I could secretly hear my mom calling me to come and get a snack in the late afternoon.  My memories of growing up here are filled with much warmth.  Sadly enough I tried to share this with, my mom the next day who said that she could not remember living there.  We moved there in 1949 a few months after I was born and this was my parents first home, which they shared with their two children. It seems so strange that my mom has no recollection of this, or honestly almost everything has disappeared from her mind.

Logan is an only child. I gave birth to Logan when I was in my mid 30’s and never had another child. One day when Logan was around seven years old he asked me if he could have a brother or sister(he didn’t seem to really care which one). I spoke to my husband and we took Logan to get his very own Yorkshire Terrier.  Our home was then filled with three Yorkies and I felt that Logan would not have to deal with sibling rivalry. Perhaps if I was younger I might have loved to have one to two more children.

If you ask Logan he probably feels different about this. Hopefully he will not hold this against me as he too looks back at his childhood.

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  1. I had my first child, a girl at age 33. I had not wanted children until I reached 31 and then I totally changed. Loved, loved, loved being a moher and gave up a very prestigious career with the railroad to be a mom. I had two boys at age 37 and 39. I am so glad I did, although we were going to discuss this with the doctor first to make sure the age thing wouldn't prevent a problem, but got pregnant before the appointment. My two boys are as different as night and day, but are BEST friends. When the older one travels as he loves to do and has been pretty much all over the world, the younger one is lost without him. They play on volleyball teams and bowling teams together, and just adore one another. I think they could do without me much more than each other.

    On the otherhand my brother only has one daughter, and she always felt deprived by not have siblings, so she made sure her kids had brothers and sisters and she has 3, 2 boys and a girl, like me. She is the BEST mother in the world and her kids are fantastic. I now have 3 grandsons from my daughter and one of each from my youngest son.

    Each of us has to make our own choices. I know in my 20's when I had no intention of ever having children, a friend who had just had one told me I'd never know what it really was to be a woman until I had a child. That made me so MAD!! I do feel God has a different plan for each person and my un married friend with no children is every much as much a woman as I am. Don't second guess your decision, and just look how great Logan turned out. (My niece's youngest is Logan, about 6'4" and a center on his undefeated high school team; we hope to see him play that position at Texas U. someday. Great name for a boy!!)