Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Hero


Mom seems to be thankful and happy about all that she has, never uttering a sound of complaint. And this is coming from a lady who is “some how” suffering with this disease or maybe not. I ask her if she is healthy and she answers that she is. I ask her if she is upset that she cannot remember something and she answers, “No because if it were important I would remember it”. I’ve asked this question many times to myself.  Is the world the Alzheimer patient lives in (since that person who is stricken with this disease may not be able to tell us) are they suffering or is it only the family?

Besides me wanting to share and shout to the world about my fabulous mom who I never thought I had, (wishing for someone else’s mom) I also want to share with everyone that I am not for one second trying to take away how traumatizing this disease is. Although there are different stages of this disease, my mom’s story is one to be celebrated and cherished for me, as for now. My heart reaches out to all the other children (and grandchildren) out there who also have a parent or grandparent diagnosed with this disease.

My mom has been suffering for several years now and fortunately I do not think that she has slipped too much, backwards into the black. After I speak with her I get this awe of her and just want to shout to the world how simply wonderful, inspiring and uplifting my mom has become to me. Mom I love you so much and I am so happy that you are my mom.

My new mom, or perhaps the mom I never new or never let in, has become my hero. Today I would never ever trade her, for all the other moms that I had once hoped for. Do you think my mom ever thought of trading me in for a daughter that might have been sweeter, kinder and more caring of her? I too am a mom now, certainly not perfect, and hopefully doing my best for my son Logan. I truly hope that he is happy with the mom that he was born with.

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  1. I'm sure Logan is ecstatic to have such a beautiful, accomplished Mom who adores him.