Thursday, June 9, 2011


I share with my mom when I’m feeling excited, sad, upset and even frustrated.  I like to hear what she has to say and I guess that’s the “little girl” in me that wants her mom to celebrate my joys, and sympathize with something that might be bothering me.  Sometimes I feel sad, that when I share something wonderful with her she will not really remember it.  Sharing any of my joy with her, especially Logan’s accomplishments is very temporary for her, and still I am so thankful that I can still have any part of my mom.  You might say that I’m filled with much gratitude for what we still have.

My mom is still feisty and although she seems to be bored, she does sound almost each and every day happy.   She is still a wonderful speller and I like to challenge her to spell to help stimulate her mind.  Mom chooses not to leave her home and when she does go out she only wants to return immediately.   Elaine her caregiver takes wonderful care of her and makes sure that she eats, takes a shower, brushes her teeth and wears clean clothes. 

Yesterday I told my mom what I was doing for the day, and Ruthie asked me once again, like she does so frequently now, if I would then come over and visit.  I tell mom that I cannot because I live far away.   Mom answers this time by saying, “I understand”.  I actually think that she might really be remembering this.  Or maybe she is just saying it.  It doesn’t really matter as long as she still remembers me.  They call it gratitude!


  1. Lisa, it is amazing that your mom still has a great spelling skills. :-)
    Sharing joys and different experiences are very precious moments for you and your mom.

  2. I know how you feel about thinking she may be remembering or understanding. My Mom thrills me if she asks if there is any good news. I tell her about my youngest son's promotion and she gets so excited. But then when she asks for something good again in ten minutes, I tell her again, and she gets just as excited as the last time. It's new to her everytime and has been now for two weeks. She can understand what is happening to him, and appreciate it, but she won't remember it 5 minutes after she's heard it so I can tell it over and over and give her joy; just like if you tell her about someone dying over and over, they grieve as if the grief is new.