Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rocky,Jasper & BJ (short for Benjamin)

My day started with speaking to my mom and telling her how many people have been reading our blog, my story about her. My mom although I have mentioned and read her parts of it for the last year  seemed  as usual surprised.  I shared with her how exciting it was,because people from all around the world have not only read about her,they have also been inspired by her story. My mom giggled and thanked me for writing this.  I told mom that she was "famous" and she laughed again and replied
"no we're both famous, because without you no one would be able to read it". For a women that has Alzheimer's her comments and things that she is able to think and say,amaze me and put a big smile continuosly on my face.

ROCKY, JASPER & BJ (Short for Benjamin)

I ask my mom if she remembers the dog we once had, the one she made me bring back to the shelter after 2 weeks, because the dog would not bark.  My mom had said that if she was going to have the mess of taking care of a dog it might as well be a watchdog.  Some watchdog, even if the dog did bark it was a small poodle type mutt.  Can you only imagine how a robber would run if he or she saw this dog.  Give me a break.  I had forgotten all about this, and now remember how upset I was at the time.  I was in 7th grade and having a dog meant a lot to me.  I wonder if this was something else that “separated” me from my mom.  Looking back I don’t think so, or though I am not sure.

 So after I was on my own I had two Tibetan Terriers that I adored, and after I got married to Bert we had three Yorkshire Terriers that I loved deeply.  We had two Yorkies before Logan was born and when Logan was around six we then got our third Yorkie.  When each one passed away it truly broke my heart.  For Jasper, Rocky & BJ (short for Benjamin) I had true unconditional love .  Till this day I keep pictures out and miss them deeply.  I am a real animal lover and hold a special place in my heart for my dogs.

I do have very strong feelings for almost every animal that is on this planet.  I have asked my mom if she remembers my three dogs and I repeat their names to her.  She answers that they sound familiar and yet she really cannot remember too much of anything anymore.  I then bring up her Aunt Rose’s dog, who my mom knew for many years before I ever had a dog. I was thinking that she might remember this touching experience she had shared about so many times.  I knew that she loved my aunt’s dog, and I asked her if she remembered when he was dying and she went to visit.  I recalled to her the story that she had told me about for years.  My mom had said that he picked his head up off the pillow when he heard her voice.  She was always touched by this and it meant a lot to her.  Her answer to me today was” I told you I don’t’ remember too much and let’s not talk about it.   I only want to remember the good things”.  So I reply that I understand and can’t help to feel a little sorry that so much has disappeared from her life long memories. After I hang up, I think for someone who can’t remember so very much that what she just shared with me was is some ways quite profound. Once again my mom, my hero, absolutely amazes me.

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