Friday, June 3, 2011



I usually do not blog on Fridays, although I just hung with my mom and I feel so uplifted and thrilled.
Mom was having a really great day. I read her some of my original posts, Girl With A Curl and
Ruthies Childhood. Ruthie chimed in immediately and recited the Girl with A Curl Poem and remembered quite a bit of her childhood which she seemed to delight in hearing about.

After my reading to her I then asked her to make sure that my spelling was correct. Mom spelt me several words (with a few mistakes this time) and then I asked her to spell the word adorable.
I then said to my mom you are adorable which made her laugh (as before) and this time she said"well you are adorable also", meaning me of course. We both laughed again, thanked each other and
threw our kisses through the telephone wires.

What a difference a day makes from my feeling a little upset after speaking to my mom yesterday. Today mom also said" oh great" when I told her that her cargiver would be coming in about an hour. This is the very first time she ever expressed that to me about Elaine.

Ruthie sweet Ruthie, how I love when you seem all there and are having a super day !

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  1. Know the feeling. I usually start my blog with its was a good, lucid day; or it wasn't so good today. It's very strange how it works like that. We can have 2 weeks of lucidity, and then bam!! everything goes haywire. I have learned when this happens to have them do a kidney test and usually she has a kidney infection.