Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dr. Ruthie

As I’ve said even though I do not see my mom so often, I do get to speak to her with some very meaningful conversations on the telephone.  I get to hear her many words of wisdom and advice and let me tell you she is pretty good at it!  I tell her that she should have a talk show called Dr Ruthie where people call in or come to see her and she gives them advice.  She says I don’t want a TV show and she thinks I’m only kidding; and guess what, I am not.
I think that she could do this at her clubhouse that is filled with other senior citizens her age, some younger and some older.  She can and could really make a difference in some of their lives if she could only remember who they are and what they have just said.  This part could be a major problem. This is where it would not work, because after she speaks these unforgettable words of wisdom, and encouragement, or call it whatever you want, they are then forgotten. That is why sometimes I can and will share with my mom something that is bothering me, or upsetting me, because she has so many meaningful things to say to me.  I also know that I do not really upset or worry her, because when I hang up the phone or move onto another part of our conversation, for her anything that I just said is far lost in her memory. I can describe it as a blank canvas. The conversation is now lost somewhere in never, never land.

Just yesterday I asked my mom if I could speak to Elaine, her caretaker and mom replied “how can I find Elaine if I do not know who she is”. Then my mother says “who’s Elaine”? You have to realize that Elaine is with my mom for over two years.  She comes everyday and at the time of my phone call, Elaine is at mom’s apartment . No one else is there. May I say more?
Just lucky for me, that I am able to smile at what she says and not get upset.
Two weeks till I see my mom. Honestly when I am with her that affects me more, because then I can visually see how she is. Anyway this is my mom, and I do love her so.  That for me is the great part.

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  1. Hi Lisa, this is Sally from Umi Sushi Restaurant. THanks for sharing your blog with me. You write really well and I am so touched and inspired by your experience ..