Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy New Years

Whenever I speak about my mom it just has me glow inside and out.I feel a warmth and thrill deep in my heart.
“Hi mom, tomorrow when I call you it will be a New Year.  Mom, will you remember that it’s 2010?”, and my mom answers “does it matter if I remember or not that it’s 2010 “. Just call me, because I always enjoy speaking to you”. Okay mom I answer. I know that she makes a lot of sense about not remembering, because does it really matter?  What’s the big deal?  Does the world make too much to do with, that my mom, or even I, cannot remember certain things? Does it scare us so, like when my Uncle Alvin, did not know his kids, my mom, or me ?  I know that it hurts the family and yet I wonder if the person with Alzheimer’s is really suffering.  What world do they live in?  What are they feeling?  Are they thinking? Wondering what is happening to them or are they at peace in their own mind? Alzheimer’s or Cancer?  For me, I think the latter scares me more.
I have been so inspired by my mom that I want to share her to the world.  Most of the documentaries, movies and articles that I have read about Alzheimer’s, have been upsetting and somewhat depressing.  I know that out there, that there are other “delightful” Alzheimer patients like my mom.
Only yesterday I received an email from a young lady whose grandmother has Alzheimer’s and after she read some of my blog she thought that my mom and her grandmother were similar.
She just wanted to reach out to me, so she could also be able to speak to someone, who understood. It brought tears to my eyes, and it also had me feel that I was starting to make a difference. This is all I want to do.

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