Thursday, March 31, 2011

Words Of Wisdom for Logan

When I share something about Logan with mom, she frequently asks me how old he is. When I tell her that he is now 23 years old she say's "I can't believe that he is twenty three already ". Most of the time she has a harder time remembering his name. Yet she still knows who he is, and how much she loves him. My mom has only one grandchild who she does adore.
My mom recently asked me what Logan was doing. I told her like I have so many times that he works at Price Water House Cooper, that he’s an accountant and has his CPA.  She says that it does sound familiar to her and asks me where he lives.  I tell her that he lived in Manhattan in the financial district downtown and recently moved to Hoboken, New Jersey.  Mom wonders if it is near where I live and I answer, "not really, I would have to take the subway there".

 I use to tell her that he lives near, to where the World Trade Towers once stood, yet she has no recollection about the towers or what had happened. The planes, the attack and the terrorists that invaded our country are all foreign to her.  For her this tragic event never happened. I think that her mind being blank about this is definitely a blessing.

Mom wants to know if Logan likes his job and I answer that he has mixed feelings.  My mom then says” If he doesn’t like his job he should get a new one. Life’s too short.  Then she chirps in he’ll get over it and this too will pass. You have to do what you have to do. Life has its ups and downs, and she adds in that nothing stays the same”.  I then tell mom that she has great words of wisdom for her grandson. I add in how cute she is and she replies ‘that’s good, because at my age it’s good to be cute” and then she starts to sing, the Rain in Spain fell Gently on the Plain, and then Que Sera, Sera, the Futures not Ours to See.  Again she cannot remember all the words to the songs so she adds in her own repertoire. 

Not bad at all for a women who suffers from Alzheimer's. As for now, I am still so grateful .

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  1. My Mom watched my 23 yr old with his 2nd baby at thanksgiving and kept shaking her head. He was my youngest child and she has always called him her "baby" because I was very ill when he was born and hospitalized for a while and she kept him. She cant remember most days that he's married and has 2 children. My mom too wouldn't remember anything about the towers and she wasn't aware when the shooting at the NJ school happened. She's only aware and interested in what's going on in her little world.