Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is It Dad or Is It Mom ?

She lifts me up when I am sad. She brings a smile and laugh to my hurting heart.  That’s my mom. She tells me not to worry. If I sound a little blue, she says don’t be sad things will change and you’ll see you’ll be happier later.  Then she ads in one of her famous sayings,” that whatever is meant to be, will be”.  My mom who has so much to be upset about or complain about is almost every day sounding so alive and happy.  I call sometimes just to hear the smile in her voice, to lift me up or to comfort me.  She’s upbeat and funny. Still I am in amazement.  Is this the mom I grew up with? This was how my dad was.  Did in some crazy way, did my dad become my mom?  I have felt this and said this before. If it’s possible then maybe someone put my dad’s soul inside of my mom.  Who knows stranger things can happen.
  I speak about my mom being inhabited with my dad’s being.  Mom now seems to have his wit, his sense of humor, and his upbeat attitude. My dad had a wonderful singing voice. Did my mom inherit that also (not quite)?  Also my dad would go gaga whenever he would see small children.  He would just delight in their presence.  Well to prove my point about my mom, becoming in some ways my dad, my mom who never bothered to show that much affection to children now gravitates to them.  Whenever she sees a young child she goes gaga herself and approaches them.  So be it.  My mom has been in some ways, taken over by my dad’s being. Now I’m really sure!

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