Thursday, March 10, 2011

Logan My Son


I always told Logan that he could do anything he wanted to do if he really wanted it. Then one day as a child Logan said to me “well mom if I really wanted to fly could I?”I laughed and thought what a smart interesting thing for a young boy to say. And I had no answer for him. I wanted my child to be sweet like his father and tough like me and that is exactly what I got. A fabulous caring and sensitive human being who believes in his self and is secure and surrounded by many friends. Logan is an only child and at the age of 23 years old he is quite mature. We as parents try to be the best we can and whatever happened to my mom as she was growing up formed her to be the person she is.

If Logan were to look at me I know that there would be things he really admires about me and things he does not. Just like my mom, I’m certainly not perfect and what would Logan be like if I was the sweet, nurturing kind of mother that I wanted or should I say I thought I wanted. Logan we have always been told by his friend’s parents that he was one of the most secure kids they ever met. We were told that when he was quite young that he was a quiet leader. Logan is not quiet at all he is just not a show off, or does he go around
boasting about all his accomplishments. He has lots of friends and this means a lot to him, as does his family.

Logan is his own person(for sure) although somehow I do believe that my support and “tough” love to Logan has “assisted “ him in who he is .Again if someone asked Logan he might answer differently(please do not tell me).

Logan has been calling my mom usually once a week and even though she lives in Florida, since he was born he has a strong bond with her, and has spent many days and hours with her. When I speak to him about her condition he is so understanding and caring. The world rises and sets with my mom with her only grandchild and yet there have recently been many days where she has a hard time remembering his name.

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  1. I take it he was born in 1987? I have a son born in 1987. My second child but older son. We really have alot in common. My Mom use to keep my kids all the time. They loved their Gampa and Grandma, but they don't go see her because last time Jeff went, Mom wouldn't look at him and she later told a nurse "I think I was suppose to know that man with my duaghter, but I didn't". The nurse told her it was her grandson, and she said, "Which one." My daughter still visits her when she comes to town, but she doesn't remember it the next day and is mad she came to town and didn't come see her.