Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Dad

I guess most kids have special names for their grandparents. Logan called my dad Poppy and my mom he called Mom. I remember hearing Logan when he spoke to them on the telephone. He would be telling them something about me I would hear him say “my mom did this” and I would smile, because to my mom or dad, I was their daughter, and of course they knew who Logan’s mom was.

Anyway I was definitely daddy’s little girl running and jumping into his arms everyday when he came home from work. I was his pride and joy and even more he was the same to me.

My dad was extremely easy going, carefree always having a smile on his face. He was upbeat and had a positive attitude about life. He also had a wonderful sense of humor and enjoyed telling jokes.

As a child he grew up with one older brother and two older sisters. His dad had a pushcart on the lower East side selling fruits and vegetables.I believe that he shared his bedroom with his siblings. My dad’s dream was to one day have a Cadillac. He would say that when you die they take you away in one, so his dream was to be able to afford one.

He always told jokes and I grew up either hearing him sing, mostly show music, or we would watch together “our shows”, The Honeymooners, Laurel & Hardy or Three Stooges.

On the other side of our relationship whenever, I would call my parents for advice and my mom would say "ask your dad, he’s better at that then me "and so she would put him on the phone.

My dad was the one who I adored so much when I was a child and for many more years after.

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  1. Cadillacs. In Amarillo there is a 'Cadillac ranch" where this filthy rich dude has buried all these cadillacs sticking up in the air. He paints them all one color and then tourists come out with spray paint and cover them with names and pictures, and then he has them all painted a different color and they repaint names and pictures. It's really quite famous. I live about 5 minutes from it. Went to see it for the first time a year ago!!