Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mommy's World-Part 2

It’s amazing how my mom lives in her "world” and thinks she is healthy. Sometimes I wonder, if the world that is filled with people, who suffer from Alzheimer's, are really suffering, or are they okay? Could it be that the family is the one who struggles so much,while they watch their loved one slowly disappear. In some ways my mom ,is still very much here, even though she has lost most of her memory.

My brother says that she is in stage 5&6 out of seven stages that the Alzheimer's Association list on their web ; Alz.org. When I read the different stages,, I get real scared for her ,and once again cherish all that she still is.

My mom, my hero, who when I catch her on a good day, she is filled with much wisdom and joy. When her fabulous caretaker Elaine comes my mom becomes so alive and yet she refuses to “remember” her name. When Elaine is not there she can sometimes feel a little lost,or mom tells me she doesn’t care if Elaine comes or not. I do know, how very much Elaine, adds to my mother’s life ,and for this I am also grateful.

I am so thankful, and hold on to,that my mom still knows who I am. My mom brings a smile to my face when I speak about her or think about her.

Can she have always been so great, and I just didn’t know it? Is it her or is it me? Every day when I call, I can hear the excitement in her voice when she says, “hi sweetheart “. My heart just swells with all the deep love and affection, that I now feel for her. I start to glow.
FACT- 5.3 Million Americans Suffer From Alzheimer's Disease

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