Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phone Calls With Mom

MARCH 2, 2011
I recently read  quotes from 2 famous authors that have memoirs coming out on a mother's death and a husband's death.They spoke about all their grief and dealing with it.What I realized was that my writing is celebrating my mom and her life. I realize how lucky I am that I was given a second chance to have a wonderful bonding, loving relationship with her.For that I am so thankful.

I call my mom everyday to tell her how much I love her and to hear her cheerful voice.I also tell her who is coming to visit her each day.We joke about her not knowing what day it is .I tell her since she is retired that everyday to her is the weekend.She finds this amusing and we both laugh.Sometimes she'll tell me that it feels so good to laugh ,and she is so correct.

Today I told her that I will be coming to visit her in 4weeks.My countdown has begun.Mom askes me if I am bringing anyone and I ask "who would you like me to bring?"She answers no one, although I think she was hoping that Logan her only grandson was coming. She tells me that she is so happy that I am coming.Then my mom proceeds to tell me that it has been years since I came to visit her."Mom  I was there in December with my husband".She says" you were?I don't remember".My mom,my hero I love her so.

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