Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Sweet Mom

This is a new picture that my brother Gil took of my mom when he arrived at her home on Wednesday. Every week my brother comes to take our mom out to lunch . After lunch they go to the supermarket to buy fresh food so Elaine her caretaker can prepare meals for mom to eat each day.

When I spoke to my mom in the morning I had told her that she had a lunch date with Gil today. Mom answered sounding surprised that Gil was even coming. She said "I do" with much excitement in her voice.  Yes mom, Gil will be coming I answered. Mom then wonders what time will Gil arrive and I tell her around 1 o'clock. She then wants to know what time it is. It usually is around 10 :30 AM when I call. I smile to myself for my mom continues to ask me this very same question every single week. It's funny because now as if she was a child her question warms my heart. The difference for me now is, that before mom became ill she would say things that could certainly annoy me. Now her voice and questions are like music to my ears.

Mom has a large digital clock that sits on her kitchen counter that she can never read. So she never knows what time it is. I think in her reality there is no time(day or night). Elaine told me that mom asked her to leave last week around 2PM in the afternoon. Mom said it was time to go to sleep. She wanted to lock up the house before she got into bed.  Elaine had to call my brother so he could convince our mom that it was to early for her to go to bed.

Gil emailed me this picture yesterday and wrote:  I called mom while I was on my way to pick her up and take her to lunch. Mom said she had just gotten undressed and would get dressed again.When I arrived she was wearing this "new" outfit and she looked so cute.(Gil & I never saw her in this outfit.) . Gil was so thrilled(and probably shocked) to see how she cute she looked he decided to snap her picture .

My mom continues to wear the same old outfit every day, and seems never to want to put on new clothes. Has Ruthie my mom become a fashion maven? We all know that stripes and the nautical looks are in. Who knows for wonders may never cease.


  1. What a cute looking Grandma!

  2. mom looks so cute. i am amazed at the love that has re-ignited between you and your mother. this has truly transformed your being and sensibilities.

  3. My Mom was a clothes horse and she had two gigantic walk in closets of clothes, which won't fit in the tiny closet at the nursing home; so we turned the shower into a closet and I wear alot of her clothes and we have tons stored out in the garage. But she got to where all she wanted to wear was this purple outfit. Everytime i went she had it on. So I sneaked it out of the nursing home and brought it home until summer, and now she wears something different everyday because I have them pick up her "laundry" every night when she's in bed so she can't put today's on again tomorrow. She use to match shoes, purse etc., and tons of matching jewelry. She still wears jewelry but she's down to the same 2 pairs of shoes and only one purse. The fashionista of Amarillo has disappeared. Plus all her cclothes hang on her, she's shrunk so much that i may soon go buy all new clothes.