Monday, March 28, 2011

Who's Elizabeth Taylor ?

After hearing that a famous movie actress had passed away, I decided to mention it to my mom on the telephone. I said "mom Elizabeth Taylor died". My mom said "I don't know her, yet her name does sound familiar to me". I try to make light of the converstaion and say "well mom I didn't know her either". I reply "actually mom ,you are the only famous person that I know". My mom laughs and says "that and a token will get me on the subway".

I loved hearing her remembering such a "famous" phrase. Only several months ago, my mom still knew who the Yankees and Frank Sinatra were. Was this a bad day,or is she slipping more into the disease ? I do think that is what is happening ,although I try really hard not to think that way. Its funny, because I recall that after my mom and dad had moved to Florida, they asked me where do I think they should be buried.(NY or Florida) When they ask that question of me ,my response was that I didn't want to even think or speak about it. I was already in my thirties, and I guess I didn't want to even consider, that my parents could or would die one day.

Do we try to block certain things to protect ourselves? Is that what I might be doing ,once again with my mom. Probably, yet, I just want to hold on to the mom that I now have in my life. The wonderful relationship of a child and their parent. I choose to cherish all that we still do have, and not think about what will probably come next. Choices, we all have them.

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  1. Once my parents were pre-buying their burial plot and they asked me if I would be offended if they did one on top of the other as it was cheaper. I told them it didn't matter to me,a s they'd be dead at that point and who would care. I too was NOT wanting to talk about that. They went ahead and did side by side with 2 extra plots, and my Grandma is in one and there's one left for me. Luckily my 2nd husband had his own plot years before I met him so my having one already was no big deal.