Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That's My Mom

Today when I spoke to my mom she sounded so vibrant and cheerful. Most days are like that, yet not all.  I could tell that her mind was “sharp” because Ruthie started spelling words, quicker than I could even say them.
I am excited and a little nervous because I will be arriving to see my mom one week from today.
Speaking to her on the phone is very different then actually being with her. Spending several days in her home and sleeping at her house, I get to see the childish side of her. I get to experience her so differently and see all the effects that Alzheimer’s has (taken over) on her.

I’ve been telling my mom every so often that I’m writing a book about her and she answers” you are”?  I say mom, you have such words of wisdom and I love to speak to you. You make me laugh and you have such great advice for me.  You are so inspiring as my mom, and as a person. With surprise in her voice my mom says,” I am? “My mom asks me if I can read her some of it. She listens carefully and says” that’s very nice what you wrote about me”.  I can hear it in her voice that she is truly touched.
 As you know I have to keep telling her this and everything else over and over again because she does not remember.

I have at moments read my mom parts of this memoir to see if she likes it.  I read her a section about what might have caused me to have been unhappy. I ask was it not having money as a child.  Was it my toilet training, or the dancing ballerina that I was never allowed to get?  After a second of silence, she says without me saying a word, “Lisa it was probably a little of everything”. I said mom you are most likely correct.

I smile to myself, because although she cannot remember anything that I just read to her, she was listening so carefully and had something I think important to say. Actually something pretty smart and perhaps a little profound!

My mom who doesn’t know what food even exists in her refrigerator, who doesn’t remember to flush a toilet or brush her teeth, my mom who will pick up a toothbrush to comb her hair still has words of wisdom to say to me.  This is my mom, my hero .

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